Saturday, March 3, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day: A surprise from Mom

Hi all! It's been a busy month and I can't wait to share all the different ways that I have brought smiles to people's faces last month. It's the best feeling in the world, and I wish I could dedicate all of my time to doing it. Maybe someday. Anyways, here we go!

Mrs. H. contacted me at the end of January. She wanted send her son D and his girlfriend M something yummy for Valentine's Day. After spotting me on D's Facebook page, she reached out and the fun began!

We settled on 18 cupcakes - 12 red velvet and 6 vanilla, a delivery around the 14th, and last but not least, it was going to be a surprise.

The stars were aligned in my favor. On the Sunday before V-day, I invited a bunch of friends over for a last minute potluck dinner under the guise that I needed taste testers for some new cupcake recipes (wasn't a lie). Who would turn that down? Thankfully, D and M were free that night, too!

What I didn't mention is that D's parents live in another state. Try North Carolina. Mrs. H was excited about the surprise, but was bummed that she wouldn't be able to see their reactions. So I schemed to do a double suprise and capture the moment on video.

I had my camera loaded on the tripod and ready in a corner. After dinner while D and M were getting ready to leave, I quickly moved it into position and turned it on. Our other friends saw this and asked what I was doing. Without batting an eyelash, I responded with "oh nothing" and they all shrugged and said "OK." (Me playing with my dSLR and my giant tripod is not out of the ordinary.)

D, M, and Mr. and Mrs. H. were all thoroughly surprised that night. Success!

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*wish I could show you the video, but I'm too lazy to ask for their permission to share it.

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