Friday, September 2, 2011

Homemade Devil Dogs

First of all, I am not talking about US Marines here.  Made by Drake's, Devil Dogs are a devil's food cake and vanilla cream sandwhich. The cake is rounded and resembles a hot dog. 
via Drake's Devil Dogs

For non-East coasters like myself, they are the same thing as Suzie-Q's made by Hostess. Personally, I think Suzie-Q's look more delicious, but I am biased. 

via Hannaford

Jake wanted a low key birthday this year. And I wanted to keep things simple with all the crazy wedding projects I was working on. One of Jake's favorite treats are Devil Dog's, so we decided to make our own. It's ridiculously simple.

I baked the cake in a large sheet pan and cut it up into rectangles. For the filling, I (and that I mean, my KitchenAid mixer lovingly named Big Red) whipped up an extra light (less butter) batch of vanilla buttercream. The filling was piped on top of one rectangle of cake with little fuss and topped with a second rectangle of cake. Bada-Bing-Bada-Boom!

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