Monday, January 31, 2011

Tag, you're it

What a way to start off the morning...this is possibly one of the best finds in a long time.

So you've seen the cake bunting, most recently, I've been dreaming up ways to dress up my cupcakes a bit for special occasions. I was thinking about having cute flags with words like "yay", "hooray", "happy birthday", etc. How about a visual explain what I'm talking about?

via Weddingbee Pro

Those would be pretty easy to make. But maybe I want something just a little bit more elaborate, something bigger with more space for words. Enter Bakerella with premade templates:

via Bakerella

I could easily design them on my own, but let's be real here, I've been lazy or I've been preoccupied with wedding crafts. At least now I have a quick go-to when I'm in a bind.

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