Friday, November 12, 2010

Candy Logos

You asked, now it's my turn to deliver. I've tried to document my method on how to make custom candy logos/monograms to the best of my abilities for you. Keep in mind that is a relatively time consuming project, but a rewarding and tasty project.

wax paper
silicone mold - I use the square Wilton brownie mold, each square is approximately 1 3/8"
pastry bag
round pastry tip
color candy melts (you could use white chocolate and food coloring, but chocolate needs to be tempered properly to avoid crystallization).

Step 1: Manipulate your logo or design. Size it as close to the size of your mold as possible. And then the magic trick, you'll need to flip the image along the horizontal axis. I use Adobe Illustrator to edit my designs. You'll want to print multiple copies of the image on a single sheet of paper. Just be sure to leave space between each image.

Step 2: Now that you have your design printed on paper, cover it with a sheet of wax paper. I suggest either taping it directly to your print out (at multiple points across the paper) or use small dots of melted candy. This will help keep the wax paper flat and thus your design flat. I tried taping both the print out and wax paper to the counter, but I found that I like to move the paper around when I pipe the candy.

Step 3: Piping the details. It just happens that both candies I've done to date had letters. I melted white candy melts and used a piping bag, coupler, and a #1 round Ateco pastry tip. I also have a candy melter, but you can definitely put the candy melts in the pastry bag (prepped with coupler if needed) and stick it in the microwave. Here's a tip with the candy melter, careful when stiring. You can incorporate air into the melted candy and it will result in bubbly results. Once the candy is prepped, trace your design. The tip size will depend on your design. You might not even need a fancy pastry tip. Always make extra (unless you are really good) in case some don't come out right. Once you have a sheet completed, let it set up. If it's warm in my kitchen or I'm being impatient, I'll slide the wax paper onto the backside of a cookie sheet and place it in the fridge or freezer for a few minutes. I use the backside of the cookie sheet in order to keep the wax paper as flat as possible during transfer.

'N^2' piped backwards.

Step 4: Release piped design from wax paper. I push on the backside of the wax paper so that I'm not pulling the candy off. This is probably more because letters are delicate. Transfer letters to the brownie tray.

'N^2' situated in the brownie tray.
Step 5a: Melt more candy to fill. I found the easiest way is to use a pastry bag. The trick here is to make sure that your candy isn't too hot that it'll melt the delicate letters, but that the candy isn't so cooled down that it doesn't give adequate coverage. I usually fill a few at a time.

See the uneven edges and the voids near the 'a'? I whipped too
much air into the candy when melting it and the candy was a
touch too cool so coverage was spotty in the small areas.

Step 5b: I use the small end of a chopstick to help distribute the melted candy. I dip the end of the chopstick in the center (not too deep that you move your lettering around) and move the chopstick in small circles moving from the center towards the edges. I'll push the chopstick deeper at the corners to make sure the candy gets in the corners. Then I swirl back to the center and lift the stick. This step is completely optional, I'm just anal retentive about details.

Step 6: Let candy it set up. Time will depend on how thick your candy. Again, if it's warm in my kitchen or I'm being impatient, I'll slide the tray onto the backside of a cookie sheet and place it in the fridge or freezer for a few minutes.

Step 7: Pop them out and eat or use as garnish!

N^2 logo I created with the help of the other bridesmaids for a friend.

Jason Angelini Photography's logo!

Let me know if you have any questions!

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  1. You do such great work! What I have learned is that you should open your own Etsy shop so people like me who would never be able to make this look good can just order right from you :)