Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cupcakes?...on a Truck?... in Boston?!?!

From The Boston Globe:

There will be no shortage of cupcakes on demand this summer when The Cupcakory and Kickass Cupcakes A-Go-Go Mobile hit the streets. “I’ll be baking fresh homemade cupcakes in the morning and loading up the truck,’’ says Diane DeMarco, whose itinerant Cupcakory sweetens the urban jungle in mid-July.

Made with eggs, buttermilk, and fruit from New England farms, The Cupcakory’s cream and green Dodge Aeromate will be zipping through Boston, Brookline, Canton, Milton, and Dedham with a string of ginger and red velvet cupcakes in its wake.

Kickass Cupcakes, of Somerville and Wellesley, plans to put the pedal to the metal by summer’s end.

It's about time that Boston got with the program. NYC has been pedaling cupcakes via trucks for over a year now. Click here for CNN's article.

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