Sunday, April 4, 2010


No, not like a cow. I'm talking about brand for product or services. Look up. What do you think? I've been meaning to punch it up a bit and make it vibrant and fun. The last logo I had was OK, but it didn't make me say "ooo-ooooh!"

Here's the first logo to jog your memory:

Now let's look at the branding in action shall we?

Labels printed and ready to rock n' roll.

Cupcakes packaged and ready to be delivered to my guinea pigs, Brendan and Carolyn.

I need to work on my packaging next. There's a lot going on with the cupcakes on the box, my label, and the bakers twine. As cute as the box is, I think I'm going to move to plain ones, either plain white or plain kraft boxes with the window.

What are your thoughts on the new logo?

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