Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Sweet Engagement

Big shout out to fellow 2011 bride Val! I wanted to do something to surprise Val and Matt. Knowing that she loves chocolate ganache, I conjured something tasty up. I wished that I had taken pictures of the cake before I tried to add the wording. I tried to use the frozen buttercream transfer technique, but since I didn't put enough chocolate in the ganache, it never set up properly. The ganache stuck to the wax paper and thus the smooth top was no longer smooth.

What is this frozen buttercream transfer technique I speak of? It is a method used to apply an image to a cake. Basically you are making a plaque made of buttercream. First you make a copy of the image or graphic you want, but in reverse (think mirrors). Second, you outline and fill in the image with buttercream, much like you would coloring a picture. Step 3, freeze the image. And lastly, place image on cake surface. For step by step instructions go → here. Now onto the cake...

My first [surprise] engagement cake: Devil's food cake, filled with whipped chocolate ganache, and then coated in chocolate ganache.

Since the cake was only a 6 inch cake, I made cupcakes with the remaining cake batter and ganache. Amanda, my personal trainer, recently had a birthday. And as she is a chocolate fanatic, I thought it would be a pretty sweet gift.

Isn't that the cutest packaging? Want to see what's inside?

Devil's food cake, frosted with whipped chocolate ganache, and finished with chocolate ganache drizzle.

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