Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Chocolate on Crack

I was given the task to make cupcakes for [Jake's] Grandpa's 91st birthday. Since Grandma had told us that Grandpa liked chocolate, I went to town.

I've been trying to give my creations catchy names. This one went something like this: Death by Chocolate? Naw, not original enough. OOh I know the OMG, I've OD'd on chocolate. Nope, doesn't quite roll off the tongue. Hmm, how would I describe this cupcake? Death by chocolate is what it is. Bingo! We'll call it Death by Chocolate. OK, so maybe it's a touch on the morbid side, but if you eat one of these and go into cardiac arrest or go into a sugar/chocolate induced coma, then they're appropriately named.


Devil's food cake, chocolate buttercream filling, frosted with chocolate ganache, and garnished with more chocolate buttercream and a few chocolate curls. The "Happy Birthday!" signage is completely edible. The plaque is white chocolate and the words are hand piped chocolate buttercream.

One person at work said "Wow, these are like cupcakes you get at a wedding." They are pretty aren't they?

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  1. Celia, these really are a chocoholic's delight. I had the privelege of tasting the originals created by Celia herself at Jake's grandfather's (my father's) birthday. I don't know if Jake's mom told Celia that I am also a chocoholic (that's not hyperbole in my case), but Celia was kind enough to leave us several of them. I didn't get the opportunity to fully appreciate the visual artistry of these at the get-together and it wasn't until I sampled another one today that I could see how each one was a perfect creation. Congratulations, Celia on a great job. We'll have to get you over to visit the patisseries in France for lots more ideas.