Saturday, September 26, 2009

New cupcake book

The newest addition to my cookbook collection:

Big thanks to Jake's Mom for such an awesome present. I can't wait to try some of the recipes. There's a recipe for s'mores cupcakes; time to get myself a blowtorch!

Lemon Cloud

I call this one "Lemon Cloud" but I should really just name it after Jake's friend James.

Cake - French vanilla
Filling - Fresh lemon curd
Frosting - lemon curd, cream cheese, and whipped cream concoction.

I was going for something lemony but I wanted the frosting to compliment the filling. I think I used 6 oz of cream cheese, 8 oz of heavy whipping cream, and 4-12 oz of lemon curd. I'm hoping I actually wrote the recipe down since I can't seem to remember it.

Artistic shot with the sun setting through the windows onto the wall.



August 18, 2009 is National Cupcake Day. Who knew?

Jake's Birthday

The weeks leading up to Jake's birthday party were quite hectic. At first I was only going to make 5 dozen cupcakes and a 6" cupcake topper. But then one of Jake's friends said that he was going to bring his 4 sisters and gf. I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off thinking that I needed a lot more cupcakes, so I decided to make a total of 8 dozen and the topper. As it turns out, I only needed 4 dozen. It's a good thing that cupcakes can be frozen and eaten later.

Cupcake spread before the cupcake topper was brought out. A total of 8 dozen cupcakes were made for this party. 4 different kinds of cupake flavors: chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream, chocolate cake with vanilla bean buttercream, french vanilla cake with vanilla bean butter cream, and french vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream.

Chubbs the penguin cupcake topper! 6" round cake - french vanilla cake filled with fresh strawberries and whipped cream, frosted with fresh whipped cream. Chubbbs is made completely from chocolate and vanilla flavored candy melts.

Cupcake Crawl, Part 1

OMG, I've never experienced a sugar overload like this before, but wow. Now I need to OD on something salty/savory to balance it out. Today, Colleen, Maura, Jake, and myself started the first round of the cupcake crawl. We had planned to hit 4 of the 8 places, but then reality hit, we were cupcaked out by the time we hit the 3rd place. We'd only had 1.25 cupcakes each! We realized that at most we can hit 2 cupcake shops each round.

Sugar Bakery in West Roxbury

Starting clock-wise from the left: Cherry Milkshake, Elvis, Oreo, and Peppermint Patty.
  • Cherry Milkshake - Frosting had a gritty texture, artificial cherry flavor, and left a bad after taste in your mouth. The cake was good; buttery, light, and moist.
  • Elvis - Banana/Peanut Butter frosting. The banana flavor was a bit artificial, but not overly sweet. The cake was light, moist, and had a slight banana flavor to it.
  • Oreo - American buttercream frosting. We couldn't quite figure out the flavor of the cake (oreo, chocolate, devil's food). Overall, we all agreed that it wasn't very Oreo tasting.
  • Peppermint patty - One word: YUM. 

The aftermath. As you can tell, we weren't a fan of the pink frosting from the Cherry Milkshake cupcake.

Fiore's Bakery in Jamaica Plain

Vegan Very Vanilla (left) and Vegan Raspberry/Lime (right).
  • Vegan Very Vanilla - Both cupcakes were hefty in terms of weight. The frosting was super sugary and gritty. The cake was sticky and oily. Our mouths were coated in oil! The name is kind of a misnomer, it wasn't very vanilla-y.
  • Vegan Raspberry/Lime - It tasted like a cross between coffee cake and Trix cereal. The cake was dry and hard, while the middle of it looked wet. The frosting did taste like sherbet.


Center of the Vegan Raspberry/Lime cupcake.

Party Favors in Brookline - We made it here, but didn't taste any cupcakes.